Wanda and Jim Stroud

January 2008

Part of the 4-year renovation plan at (our home) was to remove the structurally weak one-car garage and upstairs enclosed porch. We replaced this section of the house with a new 2 car garage with a wider upstairs that includes a bedroom, bathroom, and sitting room. This new living quarters is part of the first floor of the house and much easier for my parents to access than the second floor.

Because of the limited amount of space available for the sitting area, the layout and design had to be efficient and clutter-free, yet comfortable for senior citizens to navigate through.

Since Rodney at Zeigler’s Kitchens built and installed cabinets in our bathrooms, kitchen and laundry (mud) room and met our expectations, we worked with him in designing a large, all-encompassing wall unit for the sitting room. This unit needed to house a large, flat screen television, VCR/DVD player(s), music collection,movie collection, lap blankets, radio/miscellaneous appliances. We wanted these items to be stored dust-free and out-of-view, yet easy-to-reach and use when necessary.

Rodney designed may pull out drawers with outlets located within the cabinet, so my mom can simply pull out a drawer and turn on a radio. When my parents want to watch television, they only need to pull out and fold back door panels to expose the flat screen. We particularly like these disappearing door panels because they allow TV viewing from a broader peripheral angle.

When not in use, these items are stored safely behind doors and make the room appear less crowded.

Rodney listened to what we needed and followed through with a very user-friendly cabinet. He took the time to ask us what we needed to house in the unity and didn’t try to sell us on something that we both felt would not benefit us (for example, installing a shallow drawer instead of a deep pull-out drawer or open shelving that my mom would have to constantly dust).

With Rodney’s cabinet finish (which he and his team mimicked from an old wooden window shutter that I had) and style, we feel that the cabinets have become one with the room and enhanced the historical feel of the entire house.January 2008

The Wells Family

January 2008

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zeigler Kitchens and Rodney Zeigler for the wonderful job they did on our kitchen. During our building project there were many stressful situations with weather, delays and situations not going as planned. However, the entire kitchen construction went very smoothly. I knew exactly what I wanted and Rodney completed our custom kitchen on time and it is beautiful. He also called several times to be sure everything was satisfactory. I truly believe he is the Kitchen King!

Judy Cornbower

April 2007

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Do we love our new cabinets or what? Dean and I are both so pleased with the job you did for us. And it didn’t take forever, either! I don’t know what is my favorite part – the pantry, the spice rack or the little things, like the covered vent pipe for the stove’s exhaust. I have been having “show-n-tell” every day. So many compliments! Thank you again and again for a beautiful kitchen!

Mrs. Leslie Sprenkle

January 2007

My home was built in 1955 and my old kitchen had served its purpose well beyond its design. Working with Zeigler’s Kitchens is certainly a delight. Mr. Zeigler listens to what the customer is expressing and creates those thoughts on paper and adds his own special details to create the dream kitchen of any home owner.

The island that was built is very versatile. I have enough space for multi-person work stations and gathering and/or eating areas. One of my favorite points of interest is the front of the island with its lighted display area an glass doors. These doors were created to mirror the Anderson Atrium doors facing into my great room.

Of course, the focal point of my kitchen is the wonderful built in china cabinet. Mr. Zeigler paid special attention to my request of this specified paint color and did a superb job in its application. I am extremely pleased with the layout, design, workspace and storage of my new kitchen. It is truly a dream come true.

Wanda and Jim Stroud

January 2007

When we began renovations at (our home) the project at the top of the list was a new kitchen.

The previous kitchen, 14′ x 10′, had no stove ventilation. The walls were not insulated enough to prevent condensation inside the cabinets. Storage and workspace were very limited. It appeared that this kitchen evolved from an enclosed porch in the 1950’s and was a nice upgrade from an old summer kitchen. It made some fabulous meals during our 2-year use, but would not last.

With the aid of a General Contractor, we created a 16′ x 24′ new kitchen and converted the old kitchen into a laundry room, leaving its outer structure in place.

The new kitchen and laundry room were a challenge: how to introduce modern technology and current-day codes and standards, and still maintain the old world feel of the entire house.

As the General Contractor worked through the permit process, I began thumbing through design magazines and books for the ‘feel’ of our new kitchen and laundry room.

By the time the General Contractor introduced me to Rodney at Zeigler’s Kitchens, I had about 10-15 pages of ideas and a rough layout of my loose interpretation of a French country-style kitchen. The laundry room evolved from one clipped photo.

It would be easier for Rodney if I just allowed him to do the design and layout. Every artisan has his/her own style and well-worn path. Rodney stepped out of the comfort zone and took my ideas and brought them to life.

In the kitchen specifically, he and his team successfully mimicked the color and look of all the cabinet surfaces from only one magazine image of a piece of furniture. They incorporated a variety of drawer and cabinet openings (as seen in many different clipped photos from different sources) into one very cohesive look in our new kitchen. They precisely measured and templated and considered all elements such as floor tile thickness, appliance sizes, window locations (and I had many windows!), hanging light fixtures, and heating radiators. Rodney had to provide me with as much storage and workspace as possible and still work around all of the design obstacles I created!

In his follow through, he considered all aspects of the job and recommended to me exterior and interior hardware for the cabinets and types of interior shelving and metal racks for the food pantry. He even designed a cabinet to hide our trash can that we access through a hole in the countertop.

It was a big task. Rodney not only took the challenge, but he poured all his patience and meticulous skills into the project. rodney’s team did more than build cabinets. They designed a user-friendly, aesthetically beautiful working kitchen and laundry room that feels connected to the respective rooms and the house. And, the results are fabulous. The kitchen and laundry room truly feel custom built and exude old world charm on a grand scale.

Donna Fisher

June 2004

Sam and I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did in coordinating our kitchen renovation. Everything was done on schedule – at slightly below the estimated cost. We are very happy with the results and will gladly provide a good recommendation of your work to potential customers …Thanks again!

Pat & John

January 2004

We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the beautiful kitchen you have created for us. Your ideas and sense of design, along with the ability to listen to our ideas, and then transform all this into reality has made our kitchen into a thing of beauty as well as a pleasure to use.

The excellent communication and friendly advice on your part as you lead and helped us through this project, one stage at at time made the whole undertaking much less painful then it might have been. Thanks!

The excellent craftsmanship, neatness, and attention to details created an outstanding finished project. No detail was too small to give serious thought to, and in some cases make adjustments and changes to after the fact.

Barry & Joyce Gettys

November 2003

…We are very pleased with the new Pantry. I promised Barry that once we moved into our new house that I would cook again. Now I have a place to stock up. Thanks again.